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21-Day Confident Body, Fearless Mind

For women who's active lifestyle, self-confidence and prioritization of themselves has been interrupted by major changes in their lives.
Here’s how you can feel more confident in your body and build the courage to try new things without the fear of getting hurt.
(…without having to join another gym or juggle your already packed schedule)​


What you'll get within those action-packed 21-days:

  • I’ll give you the tools required to build back your confidence.. so that your mind and body are strong enough to successfully navigate major changes in your life

  • 20-mins a day towards loving the skin you're in

  • I’ll show you how to get it ALL done… so you still have time to do all the other things you need & want to each week

  • The secrets to living a life packed with fun-filled weekends…without the fear of getting injured, stuck or left out

  • How building core strength & mobility is the most important thing… so you can avoid injuries & increase your learning curve of new skills  

  • Why you need a multi-faceted training program in order to get better, longer lasting results - progress will come effortlessly

IN TUNE with your needs, wants, desires and goals BACK IN your body and PROUD of the skin you’re in and UNWAVERING in your commitment to keeping the playful, joy-filled version of you alive and very well fed

How It Helps YOU:

Imagine feeling more confident, energized, and resilient as we head into the holiday season. This course is tailored to individuals who are —active, adventurous, and seeking a balance between a busy life and personal well-being.

Start off 2024 with new tools and some major pep in your step.

Course Overview In this 21-day program, you’ll enjoy:

  • Daily Creative Movement Workouts - Practical Healthy Eating TIps

  • Positive & Fearless Mindset Training

  • Stretching & Recovery Exercises

  • Access to a rockin FB Community

  • Comprehensive Manual packed with all-around Guidance

  • Weekly Live Talks for Continuous Shenanigans, I mean Motivation

  • Direct Access to Ask Questions and Get Expert Advice

  • And so much more...

This course is $297. It is completely online. And it's really, really fun.

All you need is an internet connection, a little bit of floor space (indoor or outdoor) and a bag full of giggles.

Sign up today to make sure you don't miss it.

Hosted by

Andrea Ross

Stuntwoman, Coach, Speaker

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