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An immersive movement experience that supports badass women to move their way through change, staleness, and stuckness- in less than 20 minutes a day

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Let's cut to the chase: Change can be a cluster.
A shitshow.
A nightmare, even.


big change throw you into an out of body (or mind, or soul, or spirit) experience and not sure how to find your way back?

  • Parenthood (whether newly parenting multiples, first time parenting or because of all the change that keeps on coming with kids in constant transition)

  • A major injury that’s put pause on your fave physical practices (and maybe even the ease and flow of the life and lifestyle you know)

  • A big geographical move that’s displaced you from essentially everything (and everyone) that’s offered you comfort, support and stability 

  • A new relationship status that’s got you re-prioritizing your time for…other things (read: sex, dates, travel, adventures…did I say sex?)

…and no matter how long you’ve felt out of sorts, there’s a solid chance that when you look in the mirror there’s a version of yourself staring back that you don’t quite recognize.

WOMP WOMP, RIGHT? It’s a big ick to feel that disconnected.

Y’know that annoying but true saying

Welp, it works here too. Because what is the inevitable dance partner with change? Often, big shifts in priorities; time goes into new and different actions and activities, and so do other resources like money and energy. Overwhelm overwhelms, and the priority becomes keeping your head above water as the tides of change roll in and out. 


It all seems like it makes sense in the moment - doesn’t it? Like ‘treading water’, ‘buckling down’ or ‘grinding through’ it is a reasonable approach to all this newness. You hear yourself saying ‘I’ll get back to the gym/spin class/fitness/fun soon…’ with truly good intent, yet the days stack up while you grind harder and let go of more of the fun and play that you’ve always made space for.

Image by Sherise Van Dyk

And sure it works, until it doesn't...

…which is when the ripple effects start to surface.


And once you see those cracks and ripples there’s no unseeing them. It feels hard to believe that things *could* be—or feel—better, especially when you’re doing everything you can think of to get back to the ‘you’ you know and love.

Image by Vince Fleming


Let’s be more specific: any piece of information or insight coming at you that makes you think or feel like someone (or everyone) else has it ‘figured out’:

  • People ‘bouncing back from a baby or an injury

  • Living their ‘best life’ in a new city

  • ‘Thriving’ in a new career with #joblove splashed all over the place

(could there BE more air quotes thrown in there?)

…it’s hard to not throw a mini self-pity party that it’s not you.

Because you know that could be you…if you had some help getting out from under this heaping pile of challenge you’re under.

You’re clear on what you want:

  • to fit into the clothes you feel most confident and sexy in (maybe that’s a pair of jeans, maybe it’s a wedding dress or an LBD you *will not* let go of)

  • to learn and grow your skills in a new sport

  • to launch that side business you’ve been dreaming about

  • to feel more brave and playful more often

More than anything, you’re clear you want to feel more like YOU, at your best.

And, if I may be so bold, it fRICKIN' sucks to feel the gap between that version of you and where you are now getting bigger every single day. 

Being clear on what you want isn’t the challenge; you’re SO clear it’s frustrating, since all you can see is stuckness:

  • Not having enough time in the day—let alone the week—for everything that matters to you

  • Not wanting to try something new out of fear of getting hurt…again

  • Experiencing crippling comparison to folks who somehow ‘make it all work’ (#ugh)

  • Low motivation to do most of the things you love, most of the time

  • HATING the gym with a lusty passion; feeling directionless in your workouts and uninspired by the (often ick-filled) environment

  • A whole lot of ‘to dos’ on your list that have everything to do with everyone and everything other than y-o-u and your core needs

It’s a lot, and a lot to try to get out from under - especially considering you’re at the point where you don’t sense you can waste more time or money on *another* solve that doesn’t end the stuck.

What if it wasn’t about going back to WHAT you know, but getting back to WHO you are?

What if you found a way to learn to take time for yourself again, get back in touch with your body and learn to like the skin you’re in…all through a new way of moving? What if you could rediscover the freedom in your *literal* bones (and tissues, too!) that’s always been such a source of personal power, confidence and courage?


And what if it could be…fun? Like, legitimately, truly fun; filled with play and playfulness, where your wild inner child gets unleashed, AND you get to move through the stuckness at the same time?

Here’s the thing: you CAN take care of yourself while in the midst, or the aftermath, of big change.

MORE than that, you can tap into your FIERCENESS while you’re in the throes of change. How, you ask? By getting as crystal clear on what matters most to you NOW as you are on where you want to go or be…and taking the physical, mental and emotional steps—in small bites, every damn day—to live into those values and priorities.

Allow me to drop a mini-truth bomb:

What got you here—to today—isn’t going to get you where you want to go.

(It’s an annoyingly true quote - I know)

And here’s ANOTHER one:

It’s the WHO you are that got you here that’s going to help you navigate this chapter of change.  (Gentle pause for the 🤯)

They’ve been with you all along - patiently waiting until you found your way through the haze of change to today.

Ready to (re)meet that fierce, totally badass YOU?


I am if you are.

Consider this your invitation for and welcome into


a 12-week immersive movement experience that supports badass women to move their way through change, staleness, and stuckness in less than 20 minutes a day - and amplify their confidence in the process.


Fear to Fearless is a unique combination of easy and fun acrobatic movements, accessible mindset work, and playful activities that can be done with or without a gym membership, and in less than 20 minutes a day.


body weight exercises and creative movement, tissue mobility and care, gymnastics, parkour, and circus-related technical skill progressions


mindset work, healthy habit building techniques, learn how to overcome obstacles, see NO as NOT YET, connect to your own values, explore where your limits are and discover new things that fill your cup


designed to help women navigate major change in their lives, reconnect with their bodies and embrace their playful side so they can live life more fiercely,

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Guided by the experience of a team of experts, you’ll learn how to overcome obstacles tied to major change, and feel safe and supported while doing it - all in a FEARLess style:




12 week intensive program 



  • Fun: we keep it fun, creative and playful to unlock more possibilities in your world

  • Explore: we tap into curiosity to explore where your limits are, and discover new ways to fill your cup

  • Adapt: we practice adaptability, and learn how to overcome obstacles through the lens of NOT YET instead of NO

  • Rest: we advocate for intentional rest; active rest, recovery and effective treatment to support your physical, mental and emotional experiences

  • Less: we teach that less can be more, and that a little action or activity adds up to a lot in the long run

Across the 12 weeks inside Fear to Fearless, you’ll dabble in body weight exercises and creative movement, tissue mobility and care, healthy habit building techniques, and gymnastics, parkour, and circus-related technical skill progressions - all in the name of getting active women to try something new (aka get a little uncomfortable) so they can reconnect with the confidence, brave, fierce badass within.

Side note: did we mention it’s going to be fun? Because it’s worth shouting from the rooftops.

Beyond stretching yourself into new ways of moving and connecting with a community of women keen to recapture their confidence and courage, you’ll walk away:

  • With a renewed sense of self-worth…and the willingness to put yourself at the TOP of your to-do list

  • More empowered and confident to take risks you’ve been wanting—yet too afraid—to take

  • Making more space and time for your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing

  • Connected to your own values and less concerned about what other people are up to

  • Ready to infuse more fun, play and adventure into everything you do and every way you take up space in this world

Leaving you feeling…

IN TUNE with your needs, wants, desires and goals

BACK IN your body and PROUD of the skin you’re in

and UNWAVERING in your commitment to keeping the playful, joy-filled version of you alive and *very* well fed


"Live Your Fierce coaching by Andrea brings a holistic approach to movement and mindset coaching. She offers a perfect blend of basic acrobatics and parkour with an infectious sense of fun and fearlessness. Combining the support of an awesome community of women together with her emphasis on building confidence and a strong mind and body makes the experience truly unique and transformative. "



Weekly prep emails (every Sunday evening) delivering your lesson outline + activities (complete with tutorial videos)

Monthly skill reviews

An invitation to attend Monthly Table Talks; a presentation on relevant topics that cover mindset, self care, nutrition, adventuring, some skills development, and Ask Me Anything-style sessions

Daily access to one of the coaching team through WhatsApp or text

A pre-assessment and post-program review to track your progress (more for you than me!)

Access to a private, facilitated Facebook page where you can connect with other course participants and fierce femmes on similar journeys



AR 8 bw-0714.jpg

Module 1:
Find Your Fierce

Filled with fast-wins a’plenty, Module 1 focuses on goal setting, learning how to fall, and the best pathways to recovery.

Module 2:
Know Your Fierce

Diving deeper, we’ll focus on building up your confidence, overcoming obstacles and getting uncomfortable (woot!).

Module 3:
Live Your Fierce

Then, we’ll wrap our time together through sessions dedicated to trying new things, finding flow, and celebrating your achievements.

Ready to move your way out of fear, and into FEARLess?

Get in on the play-your-way-through-challenge fun by investing…

$1800 CAD


$625 CAD/MO

3 month payment plan 

On top of the movement modules inside the course content, you’ll have lifetime access to:

A food guide created by our in-house nutritionist, designed to optimize health, performance and recovery


Worksheets, exercises and activities to deepen the work and encourage building new skills and habits


Weekly mindset exercises and recovery/self-care routines


Access to Table Top Talk recordings


Everything in a one stop shop through the Fear to Fearless course platform


Extreme Windsurfing
“Andrea is a force to be reckoned with. She brings an energy that bolsters your confidence, encourages you to be kind to yourself and break out of whatever mental traps that are holding you back from being the way you want to be in this world. She is an inspiration!”



Meet the team


Live Your Fierce Founder + Lead Coach

I’m Andrea; former elite athlete turned professional stuntwoman, movement coach and educator from Canada’s West Coast. From representing Canada for 10+ years in freestyle wrestling to bringing experiences in competitive gymnastics and parkour to the small and big screen as a professional stunt performer, I’ve faced physical challenge a’plenty as I’ve moved my way through years of professional sports and extreme athletics.


The other form of challenge that both my professional pursuits and my personal life have served me up? Many—and sometimes endless-feeling—moments of big change and significant transformation that’s called me into action; to re-meet myself (time and again) and figure out how the hell to get to know the stranger in the mirror. 

Ultimately, it’s been those moments that have led me—well, us—to this moment: to creating the space and opportunity for YOU to come face to face with the challenge you’re in, to meet yourself in the moment, rekindle your sense of fierceness and birth/rebirth your inner badass (while having FUN - because life is absolutely too short to not dabble in joy…even when we’re rocking through the tough stuff).

That’s how I got through the most challenging transition in my life: becoming a mother. (I’ll share more about my story once we get started inside the course)
And that’s how I know, and trust, that you’ll get through what you’re facing today.

Beyond challenging myself to constantly grow and nudge/push myself outside my comfort zone, more than anything I’m committed to fearlessly balancing the challenges of my chosen (and deeply loved!) career, while embracing fun and exploring life's thrills through kiteboarding, mountain biking, skiing, and hiking amongst the stunning mountains of British Columbia. 


Oh: and pursuing my life’s ambition of teaching the world how to cartwheel. If you haven’t heard - it’s legit *the* most fun movement of all the movements. And is there anything more human than wanting to toss your body forward into a four-pointed (and accessible!) tumbling feat while on a beach or frolicking through a field? The answer is no! Tumble on, world!

Here’s another very human-ism: I know that I don’t know everything.

(But don’t tell my husband)

Sure, the years I’ve spent in and around athletics and the countless hours I’ve been on treatment tables *could* certify me as a manual practitioner in about 4 different disciplines. AND - there is NOTHING like bringing in subject matter experts to give you a taste of their deep knowledge and insight. Plus, working in collaboration with my people? There’s nothing better.

Read head shot 2.jpg


Mindset Maven

When it comes to mindset, Amber Read’s at the top of the game. Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, she’s made her mark on the hospitality industry as a dynamic force and agent for change inside the private club scene. Launching her career inside clubs during her Kinesiology degree, that experience also ignited her fascination with member dynamics and how to navigate complex challenges. 


She’s passionate about leadership (with an MBA in Global Leadership from the University of Liverpool to prove it) and uses what she learned—and now teaches—about mindset coupled with how to pursue innovation and change to activate the vibrant team at The Yale Club of NYC (recognized as a Platinum Club of America and Distinguished Club) where she stands out as one of the few women leading major city clubs in North America. Amber’s an advocate for diversity and innovation, and leads with passion coupled with a commitment to progress, leaving an indelible mark on the industry she is working to reshape.


Health + Holistic Nutrition Nut

A Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a diverse sports background encompassing

gymnastics, circus acrobatics and stunt performance, Karina Ho is a multi-talented and wildly experienced go-to for nutrition insight. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Food Nutrition and Health from the University of British Columbia and attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition - so she backs up her naturally health-driven life with the science to help her advise clients with confidence and clarity.


Karina’s passion for nutrition stems from her athletic and active journey, and emphasizes eating for each individual’s lifestyle. She’s committed to using a comprehensive and well-balanced approach to guide others in fuelling for their unique needs, while embracing their favourite foods. Sign us up

image0 (5).jpeg
Melissa profile pic.jpeg


Bodywork + Recovery Badass

When it comes to body work, few hands are as talented as Melissa’s. The owner of Upwind Wellness—a mobile massage therapy practice primarily based in Whistler, Canada—Melissa now takes her 15+ years of spa and clinical RMT experience on the road, serving private clients up and down BC’s Sea to Sky Highway. 


Her sweet spot? Providing therapeutic treatment to people with a variety of athletic pursuits. It’s inspired a healthy passion for innovating the art of self-care. Melissa actively stretches and challenges herself; local mountain culture has driven her to develop skills in downhill skiing, mountain biking, mountaineering and kitesurfing later in life not only has kept her growing, but has driven a need to maintain strength and sustain movement. It’s in that pocket that she feels most confident and positive - and where she’s most connected to her mission of exploring creative wellness methods while motivating others to do the same


I have answers.


I don’t have any experience in acrobatics, gymnastics or parkour.
Can I still participate and get a ton of good work done inside this experience?


You know that I’m time-strapped - how much time do I need to dedicate to the program daily or weekly?


There are other courses about movement, strength building, and finding confidence out there. What makes Fear to Fearless different - and what can I get here that I can’t get inside those experiences?


What if I’m still working through an injury, physical limitation, have reduced mobility, or am in early postpartum?


 I’m still dancing with the time commitment. How long will I have access to the course content?

Hungry to know more?

Not sure if you’re a fit for Fear to Fearless, or have a question that wasn’t included in the FAQ? Book a 30 minute connection call with Andrea and get the clarity you’re seeking.


Book a Discovery Call 

Here’s what you should Do: Click the link to book a 15 minute call if you’ve been struggling to prioritize yourself and want to know what being a supermom could look like for you.


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Details of the freebie. 



"Inspiring is an understatement when referring to Andrea. I was not only impressed with her creativity and approach to training during our sessions but her go-getter adventure lifestyle encourages you to push your own limitation. Her couching skills are next to none"


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